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Doula or Hospice Caregiver or both?

I’m slowly learning that caring for a person in labor is similar to caring for a person in death. My stepmom has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and was transferred from the hospital to a hospice last week. When she’s struggling

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UnBreaking Birth

“What if something is deeply wrong with our childbirth system?” “When expecting a baby for the first time, there is so much for a couple to think about besides critically examining the birth system they are about to traverse. Let

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Study: Men should also be responsible for healthy babies

Read the full articles here – Study: Men should also be responsible for healthy babies Hooray for This New Study That Says Women Shouldn’t Be the Only Ones Responsible for Making Healthy Babies  

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Stop and think about it – ultrasounds

  The X-ray was invented in 1896 and has been used widely in the medical community since it’s inception. However, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the medical community started restricting their use on pregnant women due to studies that

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“No Thank You” – A Guide to Informed Decision Making

Originally posted on 42 weeks:
42 weeks model, Audrey with her new baby girl Photography: Angela Martin Your experience of labour and birth should be exactly that – YOURS. Every birth is unique as each woman will approach childbirth in her…

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The Power of Women – Dalai Lama

This is a video of the Dalai Lama speaking about women. In particular, how women can change the world for a better place, because for the most part, they are naturally more supportive, warm-hearted, and nurturing than men. It feels

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You are your own Birth Advocate by Jordan Horn

Absolutely love this article You Are Your Own Birth Advocate by Jordan Horn. Thanks Mayim Bialik for sharing this article! This pretty much sums up many (not all) first-time moms going to a hospital to give labor – “A woman

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