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Adrienne Moherek
My name is Adrienne Moherek and I live in Austin, TX with my girlfriend of seven years and our two dogs, Haley and Soda Pop. I believe in living a balanced and happy life. When I’m not in my office, I spend my time hiking, walking the dogs, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and attending births. I currently volunteer with GALS (Giving Austin Labor Support) as a birth doula. I am truly grateful to all of the women who have allowed me to attend their births. 

I’m a DONA trained birth doula. I have completed a childbirth class, birth doula workshop, rebozo workshop, attended 5 births, babysit monthly, and am CPR certified. I love, love, love, babies (especially newborns), pregnancy, and birth. If there’s a book you read or documentary you’ve seen about babies or birth I’ve probably already read it or seen it, but I’d love to talk about them with you.

I like to make lists, so here are a few lists about this blog:


  • Birth
  • Newborns
  • Pregnancy
  • Doulas


  • Caring for newborns
  • Supporting expecting mothers and their family
  • Providing physical and emotional support
  • Coaching mamas through birth
  • Promoting doulas


  • To chronicle my journey of becoming a doula
  • To create a safe space for sharing knowledge, experiences, and techniques amongst mothers, families, doulas, and midwives
  • To promote the awareness of doulas

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